this is pretty much where i dump all my endless thoughts and writings ○●○○○○○●○○○○●○○○○○●○
if interested, i do specific pieces and line arts for free for anyone, just ask
butsud4: how much time do you spend for doing a line art? ❤️ p.s. hell, sorry for my english!!

if it is just the lines, they i would say it ranges between 15 minutes to an hours; usually depends on how detailed everything is.

if it had color then it is usually an extra 15 minutes; once again depending on how much detail or how exact it will be

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have a marina that I did

I haven’t posted anything lately because I’ve been trying to put a book together and  have  a turd ton of home work entering school

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Grandfather Clock (short story)
  • He was deathly afraid of the grandfather clock.
  • Every night when he came home from his depressing job, he would go straight to his minuscule living area and sit in his chair. He would sit there with some white noise from the old television, in the dark deep in thought. He would wait for the all to familiar shouts and cries that began when the clock struck 8 p.m.
  • His poor mother would always arrive to his chair and shriek at him to help her reach the spices inside the highest kitchen cabinet.
  • The sounds of silverware subtly clinking against a small table filled the small living room that was home. An angry shout always followed, complaining about the lack of scotch in his glass already filled with ice; then the clock would strike 9: 30 p.m.
  • Shouts would continue, erupting and only growing louder and louder. He always sat on his side of the small table, eyes never landing on the two also seated with him. Once the forks went flying and the chairs were flipped and the clock would strike 10: 50 p.m., he would abruptly stand from his seat and go back to his chair in his living area and sit there; white noise from the old television, in the darkness deep in thought. This time trying to block out the shrieks and cries and sounds of objects crashing currently filling each depth of his mind.
  • He would think about how he found it harder to think in the light; how all the television ever did was bring back old memories that he was constantly trying to bury. His mind would always go back to the memories and he would cover them up again and the clock continued to strike 11: 11 p.m.
  • The shouts became cries and the anger became fits and he always hates when the first bottle of liquor was thrown and some of the glass would roll to touch his toes.
  • His mother would always cry and shout profanities to the wind and his father would come onto the small living room and stand in front of him.
  • When his father turned off the white noise he shifted uncomfortably in his chair, when his father would turn on all the lights he would close his eyes and hunch over while covering his ears with his hands. When his father would shout even louder and try to grab his arms and throw another bottle at him, he would look up at that grandfather clock--as it struck midnight--and he would start to run.
  • He felt his body grow warmer and warmer by the second, he felt the room around him melt. He knew he had to escape before it was too late, before he ended up trapped with the grandfather clock he feared so much--the same one his parents and life were attached to. He ran until he reached the front door just before the house burned behind, leaving his parents to burn with it.
  • Now all he could hear was a clock ticking, growing louder and louder until he realized he had woken up to find himself surrounded by the same white noise in the dark, while the lock read 12: 01 p.m.

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  • The human mind is like a galaxy, mysterious and endless; Ideas are formed when all of your stars align, tears are gentle comets that flow through your eyes and anger is a baby nebula exploding and spreading around

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  • It is pretty grand when you realize that we are all looking at the same stars, yet choose to see different things. So i know i will always have that connection with you and even though you say my moon is not the same as yours, i can keep telling myself that at least we are under the same sky

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ensorcellings: Hey! I admire all forms of your art so much☺️

Oh my gosh thank you so much I really appreciate it, you are so lovely!! <3

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  • When I lay in bed
  • Knowing I should be sleeping
  • I just end up lying there
  • Most nights thinking
  • About your laugh
  • And your smile
  • And how I haven’t
  • Heard it in a while
  • I wish you would’ve stayed
  • Because you were my only friend
  • And even though you left me here
  • I’ll still love you ‘til the end
  • And you say you know
  • How love makes us feel
  • But darling, you’ve never loved yourself
  • So how do you know this is real?
  • Even with your hands on me
  • I know i will always
  • love you endlessly
  • And I know that with pain
  • comes some rain
  • And storms blow over flawlessly
  • So even if you will never be
  • I can still feel your hands on me

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  • I’m glad you exist but I’m actually not
  • At least that’s what I’ve always thought
  • So you can stay the same
  • Or you can change your heart
  • Either path you walk along
  • Will tear me apart
  • You weren’t there to wipe my tears
  • So I kept weeping
  • And you stopped calling to say goodnight
  • So I stopped sleeping
  • And no matter what I’d do
  • I always choose you
  • And the only thing you can’t see
  • Is everything you do to me
  • My emotions truthfully reflect you
  • So what’s a person gonna do?

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